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Welcome to Geoff's Jorum!

This site is where you'll find things of interest to me, Geoff Rousell, and who knows, things that may be of interest to you too.

This incarnation of the site has been prompted by a change of hosting (a not very interesting story which you can read here), which broke the inertia and allowed me to start a comprehensive update.

The latest bit of kit (LBoK)
What's the latest piece of unnecessary electrical/electronic equipment I've purchased? Well it's a:

  • Brewie B20 automated brewing machine

More info here*.

* Well, I say more information, but the site has been down for a while and I fear for the fate of the Brewie organisation. News on that soon on the Beer page.

Other things of interest
Here are some links to some stuff


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Another bit of kit!

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